September 29th, on the occasion of four sold-out concerts at Brooklyn’s Kings Theater, the rock band Pavement will unveil an international museum exhibition, Pavements 1933-2022: A Pavement Museum.

With artifacts and archival material spanning the band’s 30+ year history, Pavements 1933-2022: A Pavement Museum features previously unseen imagery, artwork and ephemera, commendations and commemorations, alongside rumored relics of the band's real and imagined history (as well as exclusive merchandise and classic museum souvenirs).

The New York opening begins a global exhibition schedule that ultimately arrives as a permanent archival fixture in the band's hometown of Stockton, California.

Pavements 1933-2022: A Pavement Museum completes a circle for one of the most celebrated and deliberated bands in modern music and helps redefine a secret history performed in plain sight.